100 Useful Exercises in English (Penguin English) by John Millington Ward

By John Millington Ward

A convention publication for college students of English at intermediate and complex degrees.

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Imitate aspiration, as in Exercise 7. EXERCISE 7 Listen to the initial aspirated [p ] in the English word pin. First say the similar Dutch word pin. Now try saying the Dutch word, but this time say [p] with loose, lax lips, instead of the tense, compressed lips of D /p/. Keep the strong force of the airstream and you will obtain the aspiration of E /p/. g. e. hold a lax position of the articulators, but keep the force of the airstream. 4 V O I C I N G OF LENIS CONSONANTS In other languages, the contrast between the two groups of consonants may not be one of energy, but rather one of voicing.

Amsterdam, /s/ and /z/ are not distinguished. In Belgium, the situation is different and all these contrasts are far more stable. 3. There is a very important difference in distribution. Dutch has no wordfinal fortis/lenis contrasts. e. they are pronounced in the same way). Dutch rib and lip are good rhymes. In English, on the other hand, the fortis/lenis contrast can occur in final position, so Dutch learners have to learn to contrast words like life and live, and rate and raid. The final sounds in English lip and rib are not the same.

6. Centre of tongue grooved along mid-line, sides raised. 7. Front of tongue raised to hard palate. 8. Back of tongue raised to velum. 9. Back of tongue to uvula. 10. Tongue-tip curled back so that underside approaches or touches the palate (retroflex). E /t, d, n, s, z, l/ D /s, z/ D tong-r E /l/; D /l/ E /s, z/; D /s, z/ D /j/; E /j/ D /k, x/; E /k, g/ D huig-r Some varieties of American /r/; /Ê, “/ in Indian languages. EXERCISE 17 Fill in the blanks by consulting the text. Answers on p. 341.

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