1000 best poker strategies and secrets by Susie Isaacs

By Susie Isaacs

Secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker women championship winner

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To steal a pot is another term for bluffing. Stiff: A player who never leaves a tip is called a stiff (among other derogatory names). Straddle or Live Straddle: When a player under the gun puts in a raise before the cards are dealt. Straight: Five consecutive cards of mixed suits. Example: K♠-Q♣-J♦-10♥-9♦. This is a king-high straight. Structure: The predetermined limits of a game, including antes, blinds, forced bets, subsequent bets, and raises. 20 1000 BEST POKER STRATEGIES AND SECRETS Stud: Short for the poker game seven-card stud, in which each player is dealt two downcards, four upcards, and a final downcard.

Do you play for fun or profit? Do you keep records? Do you know whether you’re a winning or a losing player, overall? If you don’t know, you should. LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’EM 43 58. If you are in a rebuy tourney, decide before the event how many rebuys you will allow yourself and then play accordingly. Personally, I prefer a tournament with no rebuys; that way no one can have an advantage. 59. A poker tournament is a process of elimination. When a player loses all of his money, he leaves the table. The last soldiers left standing win the money.

Always take a free card! 5. Example: You are in middle position holding ace♣-10♦. The flop brings 6♠-5♥-Q♥. That flop missed your hand completely. If it is bet in front of you, let your cards go. On the other hand, if the flop is 10♥-6♠-5♥, you should either bet or raise because you have top pair, top kicker. 6. The flop could also give you a good draw. Say your hand is K♣-10♦. If the flop contains a jack and a queen, you have an open-ended straight draw. Now you want to continue with the hand if it is a multiway pot.

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