200 ways to revive a hard drive

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Remove the ailing drive from the box, install it in another machine as a secondary drive, and then back up the necessary files. From: Brad Gorecki To remedy this situation, I would verify that the drive will still spin. If that is the case, I would use a product called Recover 98. As long as the drive is spinning, I can get the data off. After verifying BIOS settings and making sure the PC will at least detect the drive, slave the new drive off the bad one. Run this software package and transfer the data to the drive.

Swapping the controllers on the two drives may allow you to access the data. • If neither of these techniques help, then I usually tell the user to have a good cry, and then start over. But this time make sure you backup important files on a regular basis. From: Steve Summers I would suspect a bad disk controller first. Before I replaced it, though, if I was lucky enough to get the drive to come up, I would immediately run scan disk and scan the surface area. If everything checked out, I would replace the drive controller and see if the problem went away on the same problematic drive.

On drive. At same time, check jumper settings on drive correctly set to MASTER. If there's a slave drive check its settings, too. 2. Search for model in the Microhouse Technical Library using your trusty laptop (call yourself a tech? ). 3. ). If you need jumper settings above, they're there too! If no Microhouse Library available, try manufacturer's Web site, (this all assuming this setup data is not stamped on drive). 4. Enter data in CMOS 5. Save and re-boot. Time to completio–n—10-15 minutes.

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