50 Quick Facts about Arizona by Wayne Wheelwright

By Wayne Wheelwright

This ebook is a part of a sequence of fifty speedy evidence approximately all the country. This booklet covers the nation of Arizona. proof in regards to the significant towns, the historical past of the kingdom, recognized humans associated with Arizona and plenty of extra topics. This e-book includes all you'll ever want to know concerning the Copper nation.

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The United States took possession of the majority of Arizona following the Mexican American War in the 1840’s with the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. the Tucson area was secured by the American diplomat James Gadsden in 1853 with it being fully ratified in 1854. The Gadsden purchase was the last major acquisition of territory in the contiguous United States. In the mid 19th century Arizona’s population boomed with the California gold rush leading as many as 50,000 miners to travel across the state.

Along with ranching however came Texas rustlers which brought a lawlessness to the region. The Territory experienced a cattle boom in the late 19th century but the drought of 1891-1893 killed over half of the cattle of the region. Arizona earned it’s reputation as part of the “wild west”. The mining town of Tombstone in Cochise County was a notable mining town that flourished long after other mining towns started to experience a downturn. K. Corral and also the madam Jennie Bauters in the town of Jerome who was major owner of brothels with a keen eye for real estate.

The Suns are the only team in their division not based in California. The Phoenix Suns play their home games at the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix. The arena is sometimes called the Purple Palace due to it’s coloured seating. The Suns are the most winning franchise to have never won an NBA Championship. The Arizona Diamondbacks are an MLB team that plays in the West Division of Major League baseball’s National League. The diamondbacks have played at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix since their formation in 1998.

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