A Flight of Storks and Angels by Robert Devereaux

By Robert Devereaux

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Talking Trauma

"Man, i have visible, think it or now not, a head-on coincidence within the car parking zone of a Macy's sale. What have they got, these white revenues, is that what they've got? The parking zone was once thoroughly barren other than those vehicles that hit one another head on. This little outdated girl and a few different fool. How do you do this?

Hoein' the Short Rows (Publications of the Texas Folklore Society)

If there has been any excitement in any respect in hoeing, it was once within the brief row quickly hoed instead of the one who within the day’s excessive warmth looked as if it would stretch to shimmering eternity. And that’s what this choice of Texas folklore is, a sequence of brief rows, simply and pleasantly hoed, promising an outstanding crop as a gift for the reader’s labors.

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Studying a deeply significant African delusion is like discovering an previous picture of myself in a spot lengthy forgotten. .. . those myths are greater than simply folks stories or fables. .. . listed here are epics as grand as Gilgamesh, heroes as hardy as Hercules, heroines as vexing as Venus. And but, as Clyde Ford stumbled on, the good myths of Africa have been omitted of the major works of recent mythology, lacking from the sacred tales of global tradition.

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Art Lockridge, June’s departed uncle, had built both treehouse and clubhouse. Early that morning, he brought June and her parents over for the unveiling. Ward begged his mom to let June stay for the party and they’d been the best of friends ever since. His love for her was perfect spirit, deep as the ocean, no lust at all. Ward gazed at the white rose. It would look great on her, a reflection of the white rose of her soul. “Come on,” said Ward, wrapping the rubber band around the box. Out the ornate door with its elfin carvings they went.

Mike’ll beat the crap out of me. I’m lower than shit anyway, leading a kid who used to be my friend into a trap. But like Mike says, it serves him right for getting on his bad side in the cafeteria and for spouting all that crap about guardian angels in sixth grade. Screw me for telling about that at dinner. But I thought it was weird and would train the spotlight on me for a change. Yeah, they got two minutes’ yuck-yuck out of it and went right back to ragging on everybody. Mike? He wore his mean look after dinner and pumped me for details.

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