A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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Norway. A. More, Maryland, Scotland. A. 6. Some of the hexagonal system. H soda is usually replaced by potash. The potassium flame colouration may be observed before the blow-pipe when the sodium flame is cut off by blue glass. Soluble in hydrochloric acid with separation of gelatinous silica. = , : = , Readily alters to zeolites. In the igneous rocks which have consolidated at or near A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 45 the surface, nepheline usually forms good crystals, hexagonal prisms terminated by basal planes, giving nearly square vertical and hexagonal transverse sections.

Is usually allotriomorphic, product of crystallization from a fused being the magma ; last when A- MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 31 and granophyres, it occurs in pyramids, occasionally combined with the prism, though prism faces are always subordinate. Never twinned. Shows no signs of cleavage, but is traversed by irregular cracks. Crystals often contain glass, liquid, and gas inclusions, sometimes in the form of negative idiomorphic, as in certain rhyolites crystals, also needles of apatite, rutile, zircon, fibrolite, etc.

2A! 9SiO2. Tetragonal. 5 ; completely decomposed by HC1, giving needles of gypsum on addition of It readily 2 SO 4 0=3. is H . undergoes alteration. In thin sections it is colourless, or slightly yellow. By reflected light it looks dull white or yellowish. It crystallizes in tabular forms bounded by the basal plane and FIG. 22. MELILITE, in Picrite. Groundmass of Spiegel River X 100 diam. prism of first order, frequently combined with the second The outline is order prism (100) or the pyramid (310).

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