A Practical English Grammar: Exercises 1 (Bk. 1) by Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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25, have is used as an ordinary verb and can therefore be used in the continuous tense. 1 She (not work), she (swim) in the river. 2 He (teach) his boy to ride. 3 Why Ann (not wear) her new dress? 4 The airplane (fly) at 2,000 metres. 5 What Tom (do) now? He (clean) his shoes. 6 This fire (go) out. Somebody (bring) more coal? ~ Yes, it (rain) very hard. You can't go out yet. 8 Why you (mend) that old shirt? 9 You (not tell) the truth. ~ How do you know that I (not tell) the truth? 10 Who (move) the furniture about upstairs?

12 You (drive) all day. Let me drive now. 13 How long you (wear) glasses? 14 The petrol gauge (say) 'Empty' for quite a long time now. Don't think we should get some petrol? 15 I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I (try) to make a telephone call Rome. 16 You (not eat) enough lately. That's why you feel irritable, 17 He (speak) for an hour now. I expect he'll soon be finished. 18 That helicopter (fly) round the house for the last hour; do you think it's taking photographs? m. I wish someone would turn it off.

Make any noise or we'll wake the baby. 9 You . . bring an umbrella. It isn't going to rain. 10 You . . do all the exercise. Ten sentences will be enough. 11 We . . reheat the pie. We can eat it cold. 12 Mother to child: You . . tell lies. 13 You . . turn on the light; I can see quite well. 14 You . . strike a match; the room is full of gas. 15 You . . talk to other candidates during the exam. 16 We . . make any more sandwiches; we have plenty now. 17 You . . put salt in any of his dishes.

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