A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas by Sujin Boriharnwanaket

By Sujin Boriharnwanaket

A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas is a consultant to the improvement of the Buddha's direction of knowledge, overlaying all elements of human lifestyles and human behaviour, strong and undesirable. This learn explains that correct figuring out is fundamental for psychological improvement, the advance of calm in addition to the improvement of perception the writer describes intimately all psychological phenomena (citta and cetasika), and actual phenomena (rupa) and explains the techniques of psychological phenomena that adventure gadgets in the course of the sense-doors and the mind-door. The final chapters are within the kind of questions and solutions and take care of the difficulties one may perhaps face within the improvement of perception. For precision many Pali phrases are used yet however the e-book will be liked by way of either rookies and in addition to those that have extra heritage wisdom.

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The Buddha had through his enlightenment penetrated the true nature of all dhammas. He taught that all dhammas that arise do so because of the appropriate conditions, and he also taught which are the conditions for the arising of dhammas. Dhammas cannot arise without conditions. 27 We say of people, of other living beings or of devas that they are born, but in reality citta, cetasika and rúpa are born. When a specific type of citta accompanied by cetasikas arises together with rúpa we say in conventional language that a person is born.

It is different from the citta that hears through the ears, which is another type of citta. The citta that thinks is again another type of citta. The “Atthasåliní” states that citta is called “mind” (mano), because it determines and knows an object (årammaùa or ålambana). The word object, årammaùa, means: that which is known by citta. When citta, the dhamma that experiences, arises, it cognizes what is called an “object”. Sound is a reality. When hard things contact each other, it is a condition for the arising of sound.

They also have different points of view as far as the practice is concerned. The world evolves in accordance with the variegated nature of the cittas of different people. The world is constituted by different people living in different countries and participating in different groups and these different individuals condition the events in the world. This occurs because of the variety of thinking of each individual. The world of today evolves in this particular way according to the variegated nature of the cittas of people in this time.

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