Advanced CORBA(R) Programming with C++ by Michi Henning, Steve Vinoski

By Michi Henning, Steve Vinoski

This should be the most effective CORBA books that i've got learn. It has helped me debug code and fasten a few quite knotty difficulties. i discovered the exposition transparent and simple to stick to, and the index a useful gizmo. i do not believe the authors meant it to be learn cover-to-cover.

If i'm engaged on a CORBA venture I alway prefer to have this booklet handy.

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The high-level language compilers, emitting the IL code, automatically estimate the ranges and choose whether a long form or a short form of the instruction should be used in each particular case. The ILAsm compiler, of course, does nothing of the sort. If you specify a long or short instruction, the compiler takes it at face value—you are the boss, and you are supposed to know better. But if you specify a short branching instruction and place the target label out of range, the ILAsm compiler will diagnose an error.

A nested class is connected to its encloser by three facts only: it is declared within the encloser’s lexical scope; its visibility is “filtered” by the encloser’s visibility (that is, if the encloser is private, the nested class will not be visible outside the assembly, regardless of its own visibility); and it has access to all of the encloser’s members. Because all the classes declared within a module are by definition declared within the lexical scope of the module, it is only logical that the relationship between the module and the classes declared in it is that of an encloser and nested classes.

The P/Invoke mechanism is very useful because it gives you full access to rich and numerous native libraries and platform APIs. But don’t overestimate the ubiquity of P/Invoke. Different platforms tend to have different APIs, so overtaxing P/Invoke can easily limit the portability of your applications. NET Framework class library and take some consolation in the thought that by now you can make a fair guess about what lies at the bottom of this library. exe. 1) of ILASM, but I still think it is useful information.

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