Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 by M. M. Novak (auth.)

By M. M. Novak (auth.)

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This mode is available to speed up debugging. The spacing of individual rows is adjusted in line 380, the display file is printed in lines 400-440, and the printer is reset in line 450. 6. Graphic windows In this chapter we have described some ways of presenting data graphically. Up to now, however, each set of data has been displayed separately, each 46 Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 time using a new display file. We shall conclude this chapter by showing that it is possible to display several related (or unrelated) data groups on the same screen.

In addition, as the values ofCOS(dA) and SIN(dA) are constant, they need to be calculated only once, at the very beginning. 6. 05*X+130,99+Y: NEXT T To complete our discussion of curves in Cartesian space, we shall briefly describe three further curves: ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Only the first of these curves can be plotted using the CIRCLE command. Ellipse A set of points whose sum of distances from two fixed points (foci) is constant forms an ellipse. In mathematics, such a relation is described by 30 Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 X * X/(P * P) + Y * Y/(Q * Q) = 1 if the centre of that ellipse is at the origin.

When dealing with transformations in two dimensions, we restrict our discussion to square 3 X 3 matrices. These consist of three rows, with three columns in each. Such a matrix denoted by, say M, is represented by nine elements that are grouped as M = ( Mu M12 M21 Mzz M31 M32 The letter M is the name of the matrix, while the indices describe the unique position of an element. The first number refers to the row and the second to the column of a matrix. Thus, M32 is an element in the second column of the third row.

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