Advanced Methods in Computer Graphics: With examples in by Ramakrishnan Mukundan

By Ramakrishnan Mukundan

This booklet brings jointly a number of complicated issues in special effects which are vital within the parts of video game improvement, three-d animation and real-time rendering. The publication is designed for final-year undergraduate or first-year graduate scholars, who're already acquainted with the elemental suggestions in special effects and programming. It goals to supply an outstanding starting place of complex equipment corresponding to skeletal animation, quaternions, mesh processing and collision detection. those and different equipment coated within the ebook are basic to the advance of algorithms utilized in advertisement functions in addition to research.

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The next chapter introduces a hierarchical structure that is useful for modelling transformations applied to articulated models and other similar objects containing interconnected parts. 11 Supplementary Material for Chap. 2 The section Chapter2/Code on this book’s companion website contains code examples demonstrating the application of concepts discussed in this chapter. A brief description of these programs is given below. 11 Supplementary Material for Chap. 2 27 1. cpp The Point3 class supports most commonly used operations on points represented using 4-dimensional homogeneous coordinates.

Note that in the most general case, the point Q need not be on the plane of the triangle. Hence we require the additional condition that the sum of barycentric coordinates equals 1 to ensure that the points are coplanar. Barycentric coordinates are also useful for finding the centre of a circle that passes through three non-collinear points, P, Q, R in three dimensions. 52) In the following section, we will look at the application of vectors in the PhongBlinn illumination model used for lighting calculations in the OpenGL pipeline.

The class does not store any drawable object, and therefore draw() has an empty function body. 4 has a simple structure containing no public functions other than the constructor. 4 Class definition for a light node sources GL LIGHT0, : : : ,GL LIGHT7. In OpenGL, light sources are transformed like any other point. The function draw() defines the initial position of the light source at (0,0,0), and transforms it exactly like its counterpart in ObjectNode. The class does not store or set any other light or material properties.

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