Advances in Protein Chemistry, Vol. 20 by C.B. Anfinsen, M.L. Anson, John T. Edsall, Frederic M.

By C.B. Anfinsen, M.L. Anson, John T. Edsall, Frederic M. Richards (Eds.)

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In Tablc I V an attempt has been made to summarize the available data, as far as they appear comparable, on the enzymatic activities of the different actomyosiiis. In the presence of Mg++ ions and a t a low ionic strength, the actomyosin from striated muscle is by far the most powerful ATPase, in fact about ten times as active as the corresporiding activity of T H E CONTRACTILE PROTEIN FROM BLOOD PLATELETS 31 smooth muscle. Still weaker are the activities of thrombostheniii and the contractile protein from tumor cells.

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