Aftermath: The Clinton Impeachment and the Presidency in the by Beverly Moran

By Beverly Moran

With the threat of prosecution after his time period is over and the potential of disbarment in Arkansas placing over President Clinton, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the occasions that experience it exhibit no signal of abating. The query has develop into what to do, and the way to imagine, approximately these 8 months. Did the President lie or was once it believable that he had in truth testified to no sexual courting? was once the task look for Monica simply support for a pal or a sinister technique of acquiring silence? whether all of the fees have been real, did impeachment stick with or was once censure adequate? And what are the lasting repercussions at the place of work of the Presidency? Aftermath: The Clinton Impeachment and the Presidency within the Age of Political Spectacle takes a multi-disciplinary method of learn the Clinton impeachment from political views around the spectrum. The authors try to tease out the meanings of the scandal from the vantage aspect of legislations, faith, public opinion, and politics, either public and private. additional, the impeachment itself is located greatly in the modern American liberal kingdom and mined for the contradictory probabilities for reconciliation it unearths in our tradition. participants: David T. Canon, John Cooper, Drucilla Cornell, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Robert W. Gordon, Lawrence Joseph, Leonard V. Kaplan, David Kennedy, Kenneth R. Mayer, Beverly I. Moran, Father Richard John Neuhaus, David Novak, Linda Denise Oakley, Elizabeth Rapaport, Lawrence Rosen, Eric Rothstein, Aviam Soifer, Lawrence M. Solan, Cass R. Sunstein, Stephen Toulmin, Leon Trakman, Frank Tuerkheimer, Mark V. Tushnet, Andrew D. Weiner, Robin L. West.

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The basic idea is that people care about what others think of them, and they speak out or remain silent partly in order to cultivate the approval of others, even at the price of failing to say what they really think. Suppose, for example, that A believes that hazardous waste dumps pose a serious environmental problem; suppose too that B is skeptical. B A Case Study in Group Polarization (with Warnings for the Future) 17 may keep quiet, or even agree with A, not because B thinks that A is right but simply in order to preserve A’s good opinion.

And part of what has been thus ordered is a general view of what is political and what is not; what belongs under the purview of politics and what does not; what in principle should be included under the political label and what should be off limits; and what activities or relationships not now included under politics, or public life, can and should be thus incorporated. In other words, disagreements about what is public or private, political or personal, themselves enter into and help to constitute political life.

This might have constituted a feminist agenda for the Clinton scandal. Nothing like this happened. Instead, feminists responded to the President’s affair with the intern by concluding that (1) it was merely a breach of private morality, or (2) it was neither morally nor politically problematic for feminists (consensual sex), or (3) it was exploitation not barred by law, and lacking sufficient Sex and Politics at the Close of the Twentieth Century 25 gravity inherently or when measured against the value of the President to his feminist allies (Which?

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