Alekhine's Defence (Starting Out) by John Cox

By John Cox

During this easy-to-read consultant, openings specialist John Cox is going again to fundamentals, learning the basic ideas of Alekhine's Defence and its a number of diversifications. during the ebook there are an abundance of notes, suggestions, and warnings to steer enhancing gamers, whereas key techniques, principles, and strategies for either side are essentially illustrated.

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C2? xb2. ih6? The wrong square. ih4 was cor­ rect, tying Black down to the defence of the f6pawn, which, coupled with the advance of the passed pawn, gives White considerable win­ ning chances. Now Black activates his pieces and carefully works out a draw. -1h. ie3 0-0 In this game, we look at lines where Black embarks upon immediate counterplay involv­ ing the moves ... cxd4. We should note that ... lba5 is not an option with the c4-bishop indirectly defended by a possible check on a4. g4 (D) There is no reason to begin with I O.

Iig5 is also possible. In reply to the probable 1 2 �fl . Black can drop the queen back to f6, but it isn't wholly clear who benefits more from Black's little zwischenzug. The position of the king on f1 has its advantages - in some lines the pawns on c3 and e4 can be sacrificed without fearing a check, and the loss ofcastling is of little consequence if the rook can be activated along the h-file after h4-h5. • w The weakness on e6 that appears after this move promises little joy, but this is the lesser evil.

Xe6 22 dxe6 'it'xd3 and White didn't find anything better than perpetual check. d7? xg6 (D), known ••• The heavy use of machine analysis gave White several spectacular wins, but everybody has a computer, and ways to defend success­ fully have been discovered. One is available immediately - 22... l:tg6. Another is calculated through the wild complications arising after 22 ... l:txc2 25 'ii'd l and then 25 ... �h7 26 f4 �xh6 27 fxe5 'it'c7 (or27 ... 'it'c8). l:td7 ltJf7. l:te7 (D) w This plan is currently in development.

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