Applications of Virtual Reality by C. Lanyi

By C. Lanyi

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This necessitated the development of a framework by which our data could be coded. , 2001, Carthey, de Leval, Wright, Farewell, & Reason, 2003) provided a template for our generic skills coding framework. Behavioural markers are observable non-technical “aspects of individual and team performance” (Carthey et al, 2003: p. 411) which are related to the effectiveness of an individual and team. The methods for creating behavioural markers informed the development of our framework. In accordance with Klampfer et al’s (2001) recommendations, we devised a system that provided simple, clear markers, used appropriate professional terminology, and emphasised observable behaviours rather than 34 Applications of Virtual Reality ambiguous attitudes or opinions.

Cycle process logic 20 Fig. 4. Labor requirements of cycle process Fig. 5. Machine control logic associated with labor Fig. 6. Machine control logic associated with cycle process Applications of Virtual Reality Virtual Design of Piston Production Line Fig. 7. Machine’s failures setup Fig. 8. Labor controller logic 21 22 Fig. 9. Labor control logic Fig. 10. Daily schedule Applications of Virtual Reality 23 Virtual Design of Piston Production Line Fig. 11. 3 Simulation results The statistical data after simulation includes output of production line, the work piece of buffer area, processing quantities of equipment, machine utilization, utilization of workers’ working hours and walking paths and so on.

Recent developments in virtual communication technologies have the potential to dramatically improve collaboration in the construction industry (Gameson & Sher, 2002). Furthermore, virtual teams “hold significant promise for organizations that implement them because they enable unprecedented levels of flexibility and responsiveness” (Powell, Piccoli, & Ives, 2004, p. 6). Some authors observe that virtual teams are here to stay (Bell & Kozlowski, 2002) and that organisations will be forced to “embrace virtual collaboration to enhance their competitiveness” (Abuelmaatti & Rezgui, 2008, p.

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