Applied Thermodynamics for Meteorologists by Sam Miller

By Sam Miller

This textbook on atmospheric thermodynamics is for college students of meteorology or atmospheric technological know-how. It additionally serves as a reference textual content for operating pros in meteorology and climate forecasting. it truly is specified since it presents whole, calculus-based derivations of simple physics from first ideas, and connects mathematical relationships to real-world, sensible climate forecasting purposes. labored examples and perform difficulties are incorporated all through.

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16) can’t be integrated unless some relationship f(x,y) = 0 is chosen. 16) would define a path (or line) taken through the (x,y) plane. Because computing an integral is equivalent to computing an area, it follows that the result of such a line integral would depend on the path taken through the (x,y) plane. 15). 21) and the net change is zero. Thermodynamic Diagrams Sometimes it’s easier to understand thermodynamic processes if you can see a picture. One way you can do this is to plot the progress of a thermodynamic system from one state to another on a diagram, where the axes coincide with the state variables.

6 Gay-Lussac’s First Law. All quantities are in SI units. Clearly, this simplifying assumption can’t be right (because the molecules of the gas occupy some volume of space), but at ordinary temperatures in the atmosphere, the error it introduces is relatively unimportant. This resets the melting and boiling points of water to 273 [K] and 373 [K], respectively. 7) which states that the ratio of the volumes before (unprimed) and after (primed) some change is equal to the ratio of the temperatures before and after the change.

6. Three-dimensional hill. 13a), the expression means the partial derivative of z with respect to x, with the subscript y indicating that the operation is performed with y treated as a constant. This would be the slope of the hillside in the east-west dimension, at some fixed location along the north-south dimension. 9 In this example, z was defined as a height (a vertical distance), and the two independent variables x and y were defined as horizontal distances, but this was only for the purposes of the demonstration.

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