Aquaculture: Fundamental and Applied Research by B. Lahlou, P. Vitiello

By B. Lahlou, P. Vitiello

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Coastal and Estuarine reports Series.

The goal of this quantity is to offer an account of contemporary development in uncomplicated learn on animal species (mostly fishes) at the moment exploited in aquaculture, insofar as this information is a resource of tangible or strength functions during this undefined. every one contribution is up to date to include the easiest of present wisdom within the box and to supply a wide number of readers with a invaluable resource of data.

Chapter 1 Acid?Base stability in Aquatic Invertebrates: the results of Environmental elements (pages 1–14): J.P. Truchot
Chapter 2 breathing and Ionic law in Fish with alterations of our environment (pages 15–29): N. Heisler
Chapter three results of diversifications in Water pH on Fish (pages 31–45): David J. Randall and Hong Lin
Chapter four Calcium legislation in Fish (pages 47–59): S.E. Wendelaar Bonga and G. Flik
Chapter five Seawater edition ideas in Salmonids (pages 61–80): Gilles Boeuf
Chapter 6 Photoperiodism and the keep watch over of replica and improvement in Farmed Fish (pages 81–102): N. Bromage, C. Randall, B. Davies, M. Thrush, J. Duston, M. Carillo and S. Zanuy
Chapter 7 The Metabolism of Phospholipids and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Fish (pages 103–124): J.R. Sargent, J.G. Bell, M.V. Bell, R.J. Henderson and D.R. Tocher
Chapter eight Protein Metabolism in Fish (pages 125–137): C. B. Cowey
Chapter nine Nutrient delivery in Fish: reviews with Membrane Vesicles (pages 139–158): C. Storelli and T. Verri
Chapter 10 improvement of Fish Larvae and Rearing stipulations in Hatcheries (pages 159–172): F.J. Gatesoupe
Chapter eleven impression of GH therapy on Salmonid development: examine of the variety of reaction (pages 173–197): P.?Y. Le Bail, J. Perez?Sanchez, ok. Yao and G. Maisse
Chapter 12 The Neuroendocrine keep an eye on of the Gonadotropin (GTH2) Secretion in Teleost Fish (pages 199–215): B. Breton, T. Mikolajczyk and W. Popek
Chapter thirteen Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression and law within the Liver of Rainbow Trout (pages 217–226): G. Flouriot, G. Salbert, F. Le Menn, C. Pelissero and Y. Valotaire
Chapter 14 Hormonal Pheromones: fresh advancements and power purposes in Aquaculture (pages 227–239): N.E. Stacey, P.W. Sorensen and J.R. Cardwell
Chapter 15 Molecular Biology of Tilapia Prolactins (pages 241–254): D. Swennen, B. Sekkali, A.?C. Poncelet, F. Rentier?Delrue, J.A. Martial and A. Belayew
Chapter sixteen The Isolation and constitution of Liver and Globin Genes from Atlantic Salmon (pages 255–273): A. Wagner, F. Deryckere, G. Hardiman, L. Byrnes and F. Gannon
Chapter 17 Transgenic know-how in Fish (pages 275–286): D. Chourrout
Chapter 18 mobile and Subcellular Toxicity of pollution: Plasma Membrane delivery platforms as objectives (pages 287–300): R.K.H. Kinne and E. Kinne?Saffren
Chapter 19 results of Detergents on keep an eye on of Blood movement via Fish Gills (pages 301–311): D. McKenzie, P. Canciglia and L. Bolis

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Zool. Randall, eds. AcademicPress,New York and London Heisler,N. In: Acid-BaseRegulation in Animals;pp. 309-356; N. , Amsterdam Heisler,N. Comparative aspects of acid-base regulation. In: Acid-BaseRegulation in Animals;pp. 397-450; N. , Amsterdam Heisler,N. Acid-Base Regulation in Elasmobranch Fishes. J. ,pp. 215-252;Springer, Heidelberg Heisler,N. Acid-base regulation in fishesI. Mechanisms. In: AcidtoxicityandAquatic Animals; R. 85-97;Society of Experimental BiologySeminarSeries,Cambridge UniversityPress Heisler,N.

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