Archaic and Archaistic Sculpture (Athenian Agora vol. 11) by Evelyn B. Harrison

By Evelyn B. Harrison

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Point. The chiton has a broad box pleat down the center betweenthe legs and subsidiaryfolds curving down over the shins to either side. The whole upper surface of the kneesand thighsis destroyed,so that it is not possible to tell whether the hands rested on the knees or whetheranythingwas held in the lap. In view of the compactnessof the statuette as a wholeit seemsmost likely that the hands did rest on the lap ratherthan being held up away from the body. The folds are very flatly renderedand the body is not modelled through the drapery.

Battered. The zigzag folds in the of figure,uncertain whether ancient back presumed front of the sleeve occurin Acropoliskoraiof various or not. Front surfacefresh. H. 18 m. the absence of crinkled texture in the back, and the casual carving suggest that this is a late example. 78. C. P1. 8. S 1785. Found in November 1953 among uncatalogued marbles. Broken above, lower tip broken away. Broken off at back (originally attached by a narrow strip only). Island marble, possibly Parian, white with coarse grain.

2 See Hesperia, XXIV, 1955, pp. 294-295 for a comparison of measurements of the Agora fragments with those of the Dipylon and Sounion kouroi. 3 Richter, Kouroi2,no. 6 (with earlier bibliography). , p. 47, prefers to leave open the question whether the Agora fragments belonged to the Dipylon kouros. She gives them a differentnumber. , calls the connection uncertain but makes the Agora kouros no. A 1 a, the Dipylon kouros being no. A 1. Schefold, Antike Kunst, IV, 1961,pp. 76-78, tentatively accepts the attribution.

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