Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch by Agus Kurniawan

By Agus Kurniawan

Leverage .NET and caricature on your Arduino improvement implementation and combine it into your .NET program.

There are many Arduino types and appropriate shields that may be utilized in Arduino forums. Integrating among an Arduino platform and .NET know-how or cartoon can produce extra advantages. Arduino Programming utilizing .NET and Sketch shows readers tips to accomplish that with practical Arduino initiatives, equivalent to getting ready a improvement surroundings, acting sensing and actuating with exterior units, imposing home windows distant Arduino and construction an easy IoT program.

Use this speedy connection with research the fundamentals of the Arduino platform for a number of types and begin your Arduino programming in .NET and caricature at the present time.

What you will Learn:
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Arduino platform
  • Prepare and manage an Arduino improvement environment
  • Develop an Arduino application utilizing .NET and Sketch 
  • Implement home windows distant Arduino
  • Build an easy IoT program
Who This publication Is For:

.NET and cartoon builders who are looking to study Arduino programming.

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Figure 3-7. Program output for DHT22 51 Chapter 3 ■ Sensing and Actuating How the Program Works We declare our DHT object and passing DHT module type and data pin via digital pin 8. h header file to work with a DHT object. h" // define DHT22 #define DHTTYPE DHT22 // define pin on DHT22 #define DHTPIN 8 DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); We activate our DHT and Serial libraries on setup() function by calling begin() function from these libraries. begin(); } In loop() function from the Sketch program, we read temperature, humidity, and a heat index using a DHT library.

To access DHT22, we can use the DHT sensor library from Adafruit. It can be installed from Arduino IDE. Click menu Sketch ➤ Include Library ➤ Manage Libraries. After it’s clicked, you should see a dialog which shows a list of Arduino libraries. Find and install the DHT sensor library. You can see it in Figure 3-6. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet to install an additional library. 49 Chapter 3 ■ Sensing and Actuating Figure 3-6. Install DHT sensor library from Adafruit For testing, we write a program to read temperature and humidity from the DHT22 module.

You can download and install it manually. Otherwise, you also can install it via Library Manager, which is shown in Figure 3-13.

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