ASP.NET 4 social networking : a truly hands-on book for by Atul Gupta; Sudhanshu Hate; Andrew Siemer

By Atul Gupta; Sudhanshu Hate; Andrew Siemer

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Also, given the amount of fraud and spam on the Internet these days, we need to equip our site with some form of intelligence to guard it from automated registrations. In another attempt to protect the site, we need to make sure that our users are providing us with valid information. We can do this by validating the email provided by them to check if it is a functioning account under their control. As part of the registration process, we also need to inform the user about our current terms and conditions so that they know the rules of our site up-front.

But if you find that the object is not immutable, or cannot exist without its own identity, it is most likely to be an Entity object. To extend our person example from the Entities section further, we could make an "address" value object rather than have a person with properties of state, city, zip code, street, or any other information pertaining to the address. The value object would then store information about state, city, zip code, street, and so on. This address object could then be part of a person.

For example we will have a PersonRepository object that would know how to get a person (or many people) based on certain well-defined parameters. It would also know how to persist person objects to a data store. Note that we use 'data store', and not 'database'. A repository works closely with your application's infrastructure code. It should know how to work with all sorts of data stores that your application might know how to work with. This could be a database, a web service, a collection of XML files, or any other data store.

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