Astronomy - Planets, Stars and the Cosmos by Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

By Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

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24 lunar eclipse 17 14, 16, 17, 23 "radio" telescope 25 Deimos 24 orbit supernovae 6, 18, 19, radiation quasars 36 9, 18, constellations 26, 28 Earth Plough 28 "protostar" 30 "coma" 25 comets sunspots 13 "irregular" galaxies 36 Jupiter 10-11, 12-13, 19,20,21,26,30,31,33, location 34 observation 13 origin 20 "planetary nebula" 32 planetary orbits 18, 19, 21 planets 6, 9. 10, 18, 22-23 Pluto 21 12 6, 18, Palomar Mountain 6 photosphere 12, 13, 30 24 18, 19. Sun 30 28, 15, 17, 21, 30, 32, 33, 36 8, 9, stars 30 optica 6, 9, 33-34 white dwarf stars 32 20, 26, 28-29, 30-31, X rays 6.

The explosion of a massive star at the end of its life. For a brief period, a supernova shines billions of times brighter than an ordinary star. found at the outer edges of a galaxy. A dying star which has run out of fuel. Most stars reach this stage after a brief spell as a red giant. White dwarf The force of attraction that acts between two objects. The more massive an object is, and the closer it is, the greater is Gravity gravitational force. its Index Ganymede Alpha Centauri 28 Andromeda Galaxy 36 Apollo astronauts asteroids gravity 14, 15, 26 18.

But soon it runs out core, of helium. Once again, its core collapses and further fusion is triggered It can go on in this way until it has . a core of iron nuclei. However, when it tries to needs to this can only come from a supernova fuse iron, it actually take m energy, explosion the core (4). 3 miles) across. heavy star may a black hole (6), km A really leave behind so collapsed that not even escapes its massive light A black hole, the end of a huge star gravitational pull. 33 we see are just a tiny fraction of the 100 billion members of our local star system, the Milky Way Galaxy.

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