ATARI for kids from 8 to 80 by Scheck Zabinski, E. Michael Scheck, Linda Yakel

By Scheck Zabinski, E. Michael Scheck, Linda Yakel

Explains tips on how to use the pc language simple to write down primary courses for the Atari pcs

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4 4. What display will the following programs produce? Pay special attention to the spaces (blanks) in the display 41 - - - -________________________ 5 -1 a. b. l READ '~$, B$ 15 DATA JACK, AND JILL 2i21 PF, I I'rr RUI\I {~$; El~; 1. _.. b :? l F hi :c) Fi:UN (2)-1 .. )':j " "; (,:)-6 5. Write and run a program which uses variables A, Band C to display D. Use A = 2, B = 3, C = 4, and D=A*B-C. 6. Write a program to produce the following picture of a tree. HINT: Use seven print instructions. >< xxx xxxxx xxxxxx x xxx xxx XX X 42 (> CHAPTER G OHTO BE A RECORDING STAR Writing computer programs is a lot of fun.

Give the variable A the value 1. Give the variable B the value 2. Write a statement to display the value of A. Then write a second statement to display the value of B. Display the value of variable E. We have not given E a value . That is why it is zero. Display the values of A, B, and E on one line. TIME OUT FOR OLD NEWS • A computer program consists of a set of instructions. Each instruction has a line number. The instruction with the lowest line number is run first. • To RUN a program type in ODODOO and press (RETURN).

A$ "CAHA" assigns the character string CAHA to the variable A$. The quotation marks are required. 6. Every string variable must appear in the DIM statement. DIM A$ (10) means the string variable can be up to 10 characters long. 7. When the Computer is first turned on. all numerical variables are zero and all string variables are blank. 8. When a variable is given a new value, its old value is lost. 40 5 - 9 _______________________________________________________________ EXERCISES 1. Give one example for each of the two types of variables.

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