Best Practices Manual, Vol.VI: High Performance Relocatable by CHPS

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Metal frame cavity shall be completely filled with insulation. One complete coat of metal primer shall be applied in the door manufacturer’s shop after frames are chemically treated for paint adhesion. 4 Size and number of hinges shall be as recommended by door manufacturer. Hinges shall be full mortise type; solid brass or bronze, with set screw in barrel and minimum of two ball bearings. A Stanley FBB191, Hager, or equivalent approved in advance in writing by the School District Architect may be used.

2 A. Pre-finished minimum 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal over 30 pound saturated felt underlayment and minimum 1/2” CDX plywood deck. Panels shall be unpenetrated, interlocking, mechanically crimped standing seam or ribbed type. For roofs with snow loads, each lap shall have a fulllength polyurethane or equivalent sealant applied. B. Building manufacturer’s standard pre-finished, minimum 22 gauge, galvanized steel, standing seam or ribbed type, interlocking roof panels. Provisions shall be made for the control of condensation on the underside of the panels.

After set up is complete and the district signs off on this phase the responsibility for the classroom transfers to the district. The district is responsible for the electrical and plumbing connections unless the contract specifies otherwise. Once these are complete district personnel should immediately test all systems using the CHPS Relocatable Classroom Testing Procedure Checklist to be sure they are operating correctly. If the manufacturers’ representatives are still on site they should accompany the personnel performing the testing to verify any problems encountered.

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